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The Deer Rump Bottle Opener-
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Deer Rump Opener On Jay LenoThe Jay Leno Show- The Deer Butt Bottle Opener was recently featured on the Jay Leno Show in the segment "Last Minute Christmas Ideas"

The Deer Rump Opener Was Featured On Web Soup Recently
Web Soup on G4 Television recently featured the deer butt bottle opener. Host Chris Hardwick gave viewers a peak at the YouTube video featuring the deer butt bottle opener coupled with his own twist of humor.



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Taxidermy Tube Videos features the complete deer rump bottle opener instructional video that you can watch instantly. If you want to get started on this project today and don't want to wait for the kit or DVD jump on over to Taxidermy Tube and watch it instantly. Hundreds of other titles are available at taxidermy tube as well. Learn Taxidermy Online with Taxidermy Tube