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About Deer Rump Openers

The Deer Rump Openers StoryThe Deer Rump Openers product originally started as a taxidermy instructional video produced by Dan Rinehart at Rinehart Taxidermy School. Dan's supply company started making Manikins to mount deer rumps and the video soon followed. Not long afterward someone had the brilliant idea of putting a bottle opener in the mount. (Today's butt manikins come with a wood block molded into them to support the bottle opening attachment.)
The Deer Rump Video originally aired on Taxidermy For the Sportsman on the Outdoor Channel in 2007 and was an instant hit, but the product truly started to gain popularity as a viral video on Facebook and YouTube that was released to promote a site created by Foremost Media that allows would be taxidermists to learn taxidermy by watching taxidermy videos online.
According to Jon Ballard from Foremost Media Web Development, "Not long after we released the clip of Dan opening a bottle with his mount we received a flood of traffic to the Taxidermy Tube site. Many of our site visitors just wanted to purchase a completed mount so in late 2009 we launched this site."
Deer Rump Openers is a joint venture of Foremost Media, Inc. and Dan Rinehart Taxidermy.
"As a deer hunter myself what I love about the product is that you don't have to shoot a trophy deer to create a bottle opener mount. It's a fun product and it makes a pretty unique gift." says Ballard.